Infin8 offers full e-banking access to hundreds of banks

Infin8 was founded in 2014 by a team of banking experts to offer strategic planning consulting services to banks. The multilevel knowledge background of its founders helped to gather data and knowledge from various fields such as economics, technology, strategy and combine them in ordr to create solutions that will lead to the improvement of the banking experience through the use of technology.

Through its services, Infin8 aims to solve everyday problems faced by bank customers while making it easier for them to concentrate their banking activity in one place. This is exactly the need that the Infin8 app satisfies, which helps both individual customers and businesses manage their finances easily and quickly.

Infin8 offers corporate and individual users the ability to integrate bank accounts and cards through mobile and web app, with analysis of income-expenses, as well as the ability to transfer money.

All this combined with the bank security system. Infin8’s application to date is live in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Romania and will soon be expanded to Cyprus and other European countries.

Infin8 has an active presence in the world of greek startups, having participated in Eurobank’s egg program, the Mastercard CEE Innovation Forum, the Web Summit and the World Mobile Congress.

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