Greek VentureFriends participates in a 16 million euros investment in austrian Byrd

Byrd, an international e-commerce fulfillment network, has raised 16 million euros, leveraging the upsurge of e-commerce.Mouro Capital, a VC that focuses mainly on e-commerce and Fintech, led the round with the participation of Speedinvest, Verve Ventures, Rider Global and the greek VentureFriends.

According to TechCrunch, the company, which has created a warehouse management and logistics solution and administers a service that helps e-commerce merchants store, choose and deliver their orders, is going to use this money to expand to five more markets in eastern, northern and southern Europe. Now it operates in its base in Austria, as well as in the UK, Germany, Holland and France, where it has 15 warehouses and 200 customers, with companies such as Durex, Scholl, Freeletics and other brands operating in fields such as health, beauty and fashion.

The company offers these brands whatever they need in order to serve appropriately their customers while claiming that it is different from its competitors such as ShipBob, which recently raised 200 million dollars and Amazon which also offers logistics on a huge scale worldwide. Byrd’s asset is, according to the company, the quality. What Amazon and other providers do not offer is individualization.

Byrd gives merchants the option to adjust their packaging , so that customers can have direct and “brand” service even if it comes from a third provider and offers choices for more sustainable deliveries. “You could say that we are an alternative solution instead of Amazon but very different at the same time. The merchants with whom we cooperate focus on their brand and want to offer a total experience to their customers.”, explains Petra Dobrocka, co-founder and CCO of the company.

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