Tencent’s revenue from mobile game in-app purchases reached 513 million dollars

Tencent has dominated the Chinese gaming landscape for several years now and its influence shows little sign of dwindling. Tencent has several top mobile games under its ownership and generates large amounts of revenue from in-app purchases. In October 2021 Tencent’s revenue from mobile game in-app purchases amounted to an estimated 513 million dollars. The over half a billion figure is more than double the next largest in-app revenue generated by its competitor NetEase which generated 252 million dollars for the month.

Tencent also dwarfed the numbers generated by the rest of its competitors from China at a staggering rate. Tencent’s revenue from in-app purchases amounted to more than the combined revenue generated by the rest of the top 10 in-app revenues generated after second-placed NetEase. The rest of the top 10 only generated 426 million dollars in in-app purchases, almost 90 million dollars less than the revenue generated by Tencent for October 2021.

Tencent: Recorded 48.65 million downloads

Predictably, Tencent was also the leading publisher when it came to application downloads in China for the month of October 2021. Tencent recorded over 48.65 million downloads for the month compared to just 9.74 million downloads generated by second-placed NetEase. Tencent’s dominance is further highlighted by the fact that Tencent applications were downloaded more times in October 2021 than the rest of the top 10 publishers in China combined.

“Tencent continues to dominate the Chinese gaming landscape and has become a global gaming behemoth in the process. Its smart investments in markets outside of China make Tencent one of the most recognizable names in all of gaming.”, commented Robert Pascual, eSports editor at Safe Betting Sites.

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