Zeekr 007 electric vehicle wins red dot award for outstanding design

The “Red Dot” is the world's most renowned design competition award for high design quality.

Zeekr is proud to announce that the all-electric Zeekr 007 luxury sedan won the prestigious Red Dot Award for its exceptional design in the category Product Design. The “Red Dot” is the world’s most renowned design competition award for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to products that feature an outstanding design.

Designed by the Zeekr Design Team at the Global Geely Design Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, under the leadership of renowned designer Stefan Sielaff, the Zeekr 007* blends innovation with emotion. At the heart of Zeekr’s philosophy is a customer-first design approach, which includes not only visual elegance but also pragmatic and intelligent solutions that meet consumer demands. A prime example of this philosophy in action is the “Zeekr Stargate,” an Interactive Social Display (ISD) integrated into the vehicle’s front facade. This Stargate lighting feature is multipurpose, enhancing the vehicle’s visual personalization, communication, and safety.

Stefan Sielaff, Design Director at Zeekr, expressed his joy, saying, “Winning the Red Dot Award is something we’re incredibly proud of. It shows that our team’s hard work and dedication convinced the international Red Dot Jury of the Zeekr’s 007’s outstanding quality and design. We’re honored to be recognized on a global stage.”

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