The innovative electric car e.GO Life came to Greece for test-drive

The independent german electric vehicle manufacturer, Next.e.GO Mobile SE, presented the innovative and uniquely designed electric car e.GO Life during an exclusive event in Athens. As part of the event, e.GO announced that greek consumers can soon start pre-ordering for e.GO Life from the german factory, which is already in production, and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2022.
The company also announced that in addition to the production of the car in Greece, it plans to create an international Customer Experience Center and Resraech and Development to investigate the impact of batteries and the warm climate in the country. At the same time, the company develops its sales and customer service infrastructure to support its expansion in Greece.
Visitors to the event had the opportunity to get to know each other and learn about a truly subversive concept: e.GO Life, the sustainable and durable, new generation electric city car. 3D and electric, e.GO Life is the perfect combination of an ideal city car, with durability and holistic sustainability. The robust aluminium space truss and the highly durable external polymer body give e.GO Life superior safety, significantly longer life cycle and lower total cost of ownership.
Behind the car’s design is the legendary Italian family of Spada designers, known for some of the most iconic designs for many decades. Spacious with 4 seats, better sight and smart battery design, e.GO Life has a city range of 220km and a top speed of 122 km/h. It can be charged in conventional sockets or in a standard 11Kw wall box in about 2 hours, in a sustainable and economical way.
“We are extremely happy for the beginning of our course in Greece, with the presentation of a unique electric city car that fits perfectly into the greek market and its intense lifestyle,  while contributing to the achievement of sustainability objectives and and emissions freeing.”, stated Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann, member of the Board of Directors of Next.e.GO Mobile SE who presented a comprehensive overview of the car and its subversive production idea through a micro factory.
e.GO will soon start its Road Show in Greece, which will include car shows and activities in central parts of the city. At the exhibition points, visitors will have the opportunity to see the car, perform a test-drive and submit their pre-order.
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