Startup Pathways: New cycle of Leaders Academy with coaching for scaleup founders

Startup Pathways is launching the new cycle of Leaders Academy, which is addressed exclusively to founders and executives of major greek scaleup. The Academy is the only initiative in Greece that aims to support the founders through the upgrading of their leadership skills on issues such as leadership, communication, negotiations, personal branding, service design, personnel management, basic principles of HR and personal well-being.

In the 3-month program, 12 selected founders will participate in 10 training sessions and at the same time they will be supported by the team of Coaches of Startup Pathways with 6 personal coaching meetings.

The training sessions are held by major business executive training houses: Thrive Global, The Flow Partners Krauthammer, Scotwork, EVALION SHL, and others. Instructors in this cycle will be D. Papadimitriou (Startup Pathways Founder and The Flow Partners co-Founder), G. Dimarakis (Scotwork M.D.), K. Triviza (Thrive Global Program Director), N. Havani (KALTEQ HR Manager), Th. Panou (VIOHALCO HR Business Partner) and others. In all circles, Psichogios PUBLICATIONS remains the important sponsor, offering useful books to the participants.

The team of Coaches of Startup Pathways consists strictly of certified Coaches who also have significant professional experience in the field of HR, that consists of Gilles Gambade, Vassia Varsaki, Giannis Kollas, Katerina Triviza, Natasa Havani, Theopoula Panou, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Panos Kalavros, Evgenia Gouvatsou.

Also, the participants – founders of this cycle are Dimitris Vranopoulos (Flexfin), Valia Papadimitriou (DEVA), Aspa Papadimitriou (Keyvoto), Dimitris Mitrakos (YAMAS), Danae Koukoulommati (SEO Copywriting Agency), Konstantinos Loizos (Embio Diagnostics), Panagiotis Galliatsos (Loctio), Fratzis Karagiannis (Workadu), Babis Stathopoulos (Flexfin), Giorgos Papadimitriou (Keyvoto), Nikos Kanistras (Loctio)

Most of the companies participate in Elevate Greece and a Cyprus company participates as well. Startup Pathways is a voluntary move aimed at promoting the extroversion of the founders of major startups and scaleups of the country.

It has a significant partnership with Microsoft for startups, Corallia and other Organizations while founders from more than 30 companies have benefited over a period of 6 months from its programs with over 100 of the team of Trainers and Coaches in the last 4 years.

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