Social media as a platform for e-shops with influencer marketing

Increase brand awareness, enhance corporate image, build meaningful relationship of trust between customer and brand and ultimately support sales. This is the conclusion for the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing that if implemented in the right way, can skyrocket the popularity of the business, since this communication tool has now matured significantly and is evolving in parallel with the new data offered by social media.

It is now a given that Influencer Marketing continues to gain ground, despite initial concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic could have a negative impact. According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2021 report, 90% of respondents confirmed the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing, since they argue that it is evolving and becoming an increasingly substantial part of every communication campaign. It is no surprise, that 63% of marketeers, expressed plans to increase their budgets for Influencer Marketing in 2021.

Nowadays, brands have more opportunities to connect with their target group through inspired content creators, however, staying one step ahead, with the industry constantly transforming, can often look like a race against time. An important role in this is played by social media and video platforms used in the visual promotion of the product.

Social Media as a platform for e-shops and opportunities to collaborate with influencers

If there’s one big trend that’s in the spotlight right now, it’s social media shopping. The trade on social media (social commerce) – the process of selling products directly from social media – is growing impressively fast. Facebook, Instagram and more recently TikTok with its new shopping feature, give to TikTok with its new shopping feature, give users the opportunity to buy something that catches their attention, without even disconnecting from the app. 

Online stores are constantly displaying the products that are being launched and advertise their company’s offers. According to Facebook for business, 130 million Instagram users tap on at least one post on a monthly basis to learn more about a product.With online sales now as an integral part of Influencer Marketing campaigns, in order to gain the maximum from their partnerships, brands should target the right content creators who will help in the direct sale of products on Social Media.


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