Metavallon: Deadline expires for The Lab, innovative e-venturing startup acceleration platform

Metavallon is now counting down the hours to registration close for The Lab: a novel e-venturing platform for those who wish to bring their ideas to life.

How you can join
Step 1: Register for the PreLab, our “anti-application” process with things for you to take advantage of.
Step 2: Complete the Opportunities, a set of quick instructional steps to prep for The Lab.
Step 3: Submit your Goals and your one-time registration fee (€20/team),  and prepare to seize the entire challenge!

Why join
1. Global reach – with participants joining from around the world (counting 5 countries as we speak) and the support of our international network of Experts
2. A disruptive venturing platform, featuring
– the Opportunities, that is 8 core modules with rich instructional curated material
– a Venture Space for the teams to build, transform, and present their new ventures
– the Discussion Hive for exchange, feedback, and networking within our community, and access to and interaction with select Experts from our global network
3. It is a results-driven process that propels you from idea, to discovery, to validation, and to development of your new venture

Restigrations deadline expires today, 23/11. You can register here: